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Elevator acceleration test

DT-4A type elevator acceleration measuring instrument

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Product parameters

    DT series instrument is the company and the development of the elevator ride quality special testing instrument according to the relevant requirements of the international standard and national standard of ISO, is a national initiative. Suitable for elevator manufacturers products performance testing, elevator installation sector adjustment, quality and Technical Supervision Bureau of special equipment inspection department inspection of elevator performance and ride quality. Over the years, products and services have been welcomed and recognized by the elevator industry, a number of National Elevator Inspection Center, mainly large and medium-sized elevator manufacturers are using this series instrument as an instrument of lift ride quality. At present, the products have been sold to more than and 30 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions, with the largest market share in the country.
  DT-4A type elevator acceleration test instrument for the latest launch of the series of products, the design fully meet the ISO18738 standard. Compared with similar products at home and abroad, DT-4A elevator acceleration test instrument in the whole Chinese friendly interface, long time storage, USB interface, small size, light weight and data batch processing, etc The instrument can detect and handle of the elevator operation data, the quantitative analysis of the elevator riding quality and make a comprehensive evaluation, at the same time to lift the breakdown and hidden trouble analysis and predict. With the national standard “elevator ride quality measurement” is promulgated and implemented, as the instrument fully meets the standard, DT-4A lift acceleration testing instrument will become a powerful tool in China elevator design, installation and commissioning, inspection and maintenance, effectively promote the safety, comfort and performance of China's elevator operation improvement.

Product performance

    The tester is built in three axis acceleration sensor, signal processing board and rechargeable battery, and has the advantages of small size, moderate weight and convenient carrying.
  Add noise test function.
  After the test is completed, the tester can be directly calculated in the field of X, Y, Z three direction of vibration acceleration and noise in the elevator at a uniform speed in the process of maximum value, suitable for on-site debugging.
  Storage time up to 2000 seconds.
  Test data can be transmitted to the computer through the USB interface.
  Test software based on Windows operating system, using Chinese friendly interface, convenient operation, support digital filtering, ISO filtering and vibration spectrum analysis, can display and print the running process of elevator brake and three direction vibration curve, noise curve, jerk curve, velocity curve and displacement curve, and calculate the number of parameters reflecting the lift ride quality.










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