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Elevator rope tension test

DGZ-2 elevator speed limiter lift test system

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Product parameters

  DGZ-2 elevator speed limiter pull force test system is the new test equipment, the company developed according to the requirements of the elevator safety inspection, mainly used for lifting force detection of elevator speed limiter, comprising actuator and workbench, host and computer, realize the test steel wire rope pulling force automatic loading and data processing, and the testing data of computer interface to the computer, the computer special analysis software according to the relevant parameters to realize the data processing and intelligent judgment, the test results are given. The factory inspection equipment for governor manufacturer, manufacturer of the incoming inspection and Quality Technology Supervision Bureau of special equipment inspection departments, elevator installation and maintenance units such as the pull force of the elevator speed limiter test.

Product performance

The motor drived rope pull force loading automatically records the whole process of stress relaxation, governor rope clamping, skidding data
Data storage function: 1MB memory, the longest storage test time up to 2000 seconds of data
Data output function: the test data will be exported to the computer through the computer interface, use the DGZ-2 elevator speed limiter tensioning force in the computer test system of special computer software for data analysis and processing, intelligent judgment to spin force size, and can print out the test results
System with motor overload, short circuit protection function, while the upper and lower travel limit, so as to avoid damage to the operator and equipment










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