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China branch intelligent elevator security master project success

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  In May 21st, Wu Bin of vice director of Anhui branch of intelligent high technology limited liability company in Chengdu “Tianfu venture. Jing Rong exchange ”venture roadshow. The road shows not only created a direct dialogue and cooperation between the project and the investor's opportunity, but also through a number of mainstream media is very good to promote and promote the scientific and technological achievements of the project.

  Elevator security master system is based on the Anhui branch of the Intelligent Company as the main body, the latest achievements in Intelligence Research Institute of Hefei Academy of Sciences Chinese based on research and development, completely independent of the original elevator installation, do not have any effect on the operation of the original elevator installation, and is suitable for use in any lift, versatility. The system in the elevator pit, car and room equipped with intelligent terminal, intelligent terminal access to the sensor lift important parameters of perception, and the cloud server alarm timely uploading and normal operation data polling upload two ways to realize the early warning behavior, after the alarm alarm behavior as the way in advance after the organic combination. At present, the system is equipped with more than 20 kinds of sensors can monitor more than 10 warning types and nearly 30 types of alarm.

  “Tianfu venture. Jing Rong Hui ”is Chengdu cordial“ double ”brand, the roadshow guests gathered on site, the relevant government departments including the mayor of Chengdu City, Tang leaders, experts and representatives of the top domestic big coffee, investment institutions well-known media representatives of five or six hundred people, the whole process of live roadshow by Sichuan channel the scene, after the domestic mainstream media reports and reprint.










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