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Vice mayor Wang Minsheng, a line of research I Division elevator safety operation of the Internet of things"

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  May 31, 2016 morning, vice mayor Wang Weiming, Deputy Secretary General of the municipal government, Wang Minsheng, and so on, to my secretary of the elevator safety supervision system to conduct further research and exchange of guidance.

  Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau, the high tech Zone Market Supervision Bureau, construction and Development Bureau, the Hefei Public Security Institute of Tsinghua University, the wisdom of the times and other units of the leadership to participate in the research. The research group systematically understand “the overall situation of the safe operation of the elevator system” networking supervision, seriously listen to the special report system and a live demonstration of the operation of the elevator is real-time supervision, the scene questioned a lot about elevator safety supervision, public security, systems engineering implementation etc

  Wang Minsheng, deputy mayor of the Department of intelligence in the elevator safety testing technology and the achievements of the elevator on the Internet of things, expressed full recognition. He said that the elevator networking project currently under construction in Hefei, related to people's livelihood security, construction departments should combine many advantages, based on the full investigation, digestion and absorption and innovation, come up with a feasible scheme for the elevator safety and Hefei, innovation and development, and make due contributions.

  At present, our company is actively implement the city leadership research instructions for the Internet of things in Hefei, the early application of the implementation of the regulatory system to step up preparation.










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